Catholicpay, Seamless Digital Payments platform

About CatholicPay.


Welcome to CatholicPay, Nigeria’s premier intuitive digital payments solution designed specifically for the Catholic Church, Groups, Businesses, establishments, and the general public in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

What We Do.

CatholicPay is an online banking system designed specifically for members of the Catholic faith and the general public. Our app offers seamless account opening, QR Code Payment, PVoucher Payment, Money Transfer, and bill payments.

Our Vision and Mission


CatholicPay has tonnes of functionalities that makes transactions seamless. Some of the key features are here below

Seamless Payment.

With CatholicPay, parishioners have a more reliable and seamless means of making payments to Parishes for Offertory, Tithes, Thanksgiving, Donations, Harvests, projects, and others. They can also make payments for monthly dues, levies, and donations in groups or organisations and contribute or donate to any Catholic establishment, Catholic Schools, Catholic Hospitals, and other businesses within Nigeria.

Scan to Pay

CatholicPay has a host of features, and one of them is Scan to Pay (QRCode Payment System). Our app supports a fast and seamless QR Code payment, making it easy for users to make payments to parishes, groups, or establishments instantly by scanning their QR Code. Additionally, users can receive payments from others when they scan their QR Code. CatholicPay App on their mobile devices helps this seamless transaction.

PVoucher GiftCard

We also support the use of Parish Voucher; this feature is ideal for users who prefer to use the system without internet or electronic devices. With Parish Vouchers, users can easily purchase any denomination of vouchers from their parish or any designated vendor or sales point. This voucher can be used within the parish for any payments like offertory, tithes, second collections, donations, sacramental and grocery shops, Parish groups, societies, and much more. This feature allows users to carry out generous giving in all parish events and gatherings without being limited by cash scarcity.


PayParish is another unique feature on our app. Through the CatholicPay App, users can make a payment to any Parish in Nigeria, either by directly transferring to the Parish wallet or by subscribing to make payments automatically daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. You can find parish using names, acronyms or location search.


Similarly, users can make payments to any group within their parish or around Nigeria using the PayGroup feature on our app. Making Payments to groups like CYON, CMO, CWO, KSM, KSJ, Charismatics, etc., for monthly dues, Levies, and other payments has never been more seamless and efficient. You can find Groups using names, acronyms or location search.

Digitized System

CatholicPay offers digitized and semi-digital contributions that allow tech-compliant users to easily digitize their payments in the church while those who prefer analog can engage the system using our Parish Vouchers. Our transfer system is secure and convenient, and users can reliably send money securely to any parish, group, establishment or organization.


We are also proud to have the PayChannel feature, which allows Catholic establishments or channels, from Sacramental and grocery shops within a parish to Catholic Schools like Veritas University Abuja, Madonna University, Regina Pacis, Catholic Hospitals like Daughters of Charity Abuja, and other Catholic establishments like Radio Maria, Private Ministries, among others, to receive payments from users anywhere in Nigeria. Users can make a direct transfer to any of the listed wallet or subscribe to make payments automatically daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. You can find establishments using names, acronyms or location search.

Catholic Debit Card

Our Catholic Debit Card is a special physical card with a QR Code and a chip that users of CatholicPay can request for and use in making payments anywhere. It’s a secured card that requires authorization and can be enabled or disabled at will. The card can be funded from inside the Catholic Pay app, and the funds can be moved to other wallets if the need arises.


Our app also has a built-in bill payments feature that allows users to pay for electricity, data, recharge cards, and even cableTV directly on the app and get huge discounts, zero transaction fees and cash back, making life easier for our clients.

Join Us

Signing up for CatholicPay is easy. For Parishes, kindly click here to fill out the online application form. Once you have completed the application, one of our customer service representatives will contact you to complete the process. For Individuals, kindly visit the Google Play Store and IOS Store to download the CatholicPay App. Once downloaded, Install and register on the app. With our speedy BVN and NIN verification, your account will be set up in no time. And you will be ready to start enjoying the great features of CatholicPay